- 1970 -

In it's inaugural year Almet erected it's first bay spanning 140 feet, along with a small office space to house their (then) 5 employees.   

- 1969 -
- 1974 -
- 1988 -
- Today -

An 80 foot addition was added, complete with crane ways and a roof. By years end the company had grown to 27 employees.

By 1974 Almet had 3 fully enclosed bays with crane ways and had began construction on a fourth. A plate shear, plate roller and 3 foot Promabeam band saw were purchased to expand the capabilities of their 52 employees.

In 1988 Almet had expanded to 6 bays and the decision was made to add a second story to the office building. This addition allowed for a full size engineering department and led to the growth of Almet to 76 employees. 

Today Almet continues to complete custom projects in the Northern Indiana area as well as parts of: Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. Recently talks to add a 7th bay and update equipment have begun as Almet is committed to remaining a leader in the steel industry.  

Pictured above (left to right) is Richard Greim, Herbert Werling and Robert Winkeljohn